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Expectations can be a tricky thing. I have attempted to list out  my own expectations so our communication can be unencumbered by the trappings of questions.  
I heavily prefer my benefaction inside a non-sealed envelope.
Cards that make me smile are a bonus!
Please book mindfully.
Time is a precious commodity.
Honor the commitment you have made to yourself and to me.  
If you have to cancel I prefer 3 hours notice- more is appreciated. 
 -Cancel with less than two hours notice- a cancel fee of 25% of the appointment is due with in 3 days. 
-Cancel with less than one hour notice 
100% of the appointment is due. 
The cancel fee can be used to secure a rescheduled session.
This means if you have to cancel, your fee will be rolled into a rescheduled date. 
While in the US I refuse to answer services questions.
Asking these questions will forfeit your deposit and our appointment will be canceled. 

Please do not arrive early or late.

I give a 10min grace period on each side. If you are going to be more than 10 mins late- please update me as soon as you can. 

Deposits are case by case basis.

I reserve the right to request them up to 4 hours before our appointment.

My deposit policy can be found HERE

As a free spirit I am relaxed about drug use during appointments if the following qualifications are met 

-You are not so impaired as to cause me harm 

-You do not pressure me into doing said drugs 

-The drugs do not cause lingering odor or damage.